Teaching Opportunity

Teaching Opportunities Online

If you are currently worried about employment status or passionate about teaching, then you are at the right place. 

Take this opportunity to prove yourself, make judgement on your own and try figuring out how important the shared information below can be useful to you or someone you know. 

Can You Teach at Expert PhotoStudy?

If yes, Expert PhotoStudy will answer your questions. It is a well modified system that will enable you as a teacher/tutor to interact with students all over the world.

The best thing about it is that you can teach online anytime, any place and without discrimination.

You will be well trained, after which you will be given a subject test to prove your ability and expertise. There are various subjects offered and the questions will be directly rooted to your system after successfully passing the subject test

How You Get Paid

You will be paid via PayPal or via your Upwork account. The most important thing is to have either one of the accounts for payment processing. 

When Do You get Paid?

You will be paid on fortnight or monthly basis depending on your personal decision. You will have to update your payment details under setting, account, edit.

Yes, you will update your phone number and your PayPal account will accommodate Mpesa transactions. Therefore, all you need to do is to stop doubting your ability and prove yourself to the world.

Expected From Tutors

You are to watch short clip videos on policies, rules and regulations. After that, you will be required to pass the policy test. Subject test will follow and you MUST pass the test so that the providers will be convinced that you can handle that subject you will chose as teaching subject. 

On successful completion of the assessments, you will be free to teach and if for instance you did Algebra test, questions related to Algebra from students who need help will be automatically be rooted to your portal.

Remember to take the training at free time, without disruption and give it your best.

How  To Register

You MUST have Facebook account , go to Expert Photostudy and click Apply Now. Click 👉 Video

Subjects offered:

 1.    Algebra

2.    Chemistry

3.    Physics

4.    Statistics

5.    Financial Accounting

Good luck and all the best. You Can do it too!

Can You Teach Online, At Studypool?

Here is an opportunity for you. Studypool will enable you register as a tutor and connect you to students from all over the continent who have challenges. There are many subjects which are offered and all you have to do is to visit their website and register today.


How It Works at Studypool

Students will post their problems or questions, they will be matched with best tutors and a tutor will be expected to answer questions correctly. The tutor must be very conversant with questions bid and provide quality work. 


Mathematics, Business, Accounting, Programming among other subjects are available.


What to Expect...


Include your biography, pass the policy test and upload your national ID plus photo for KYC (Know Your Customer) for approval. You will undergo writing skills test (APA) which they will review and they will approve your application after carefully reviewing all the assessments.

To Register...


Click Studypool and select "Become A Tutor" on the top right near "Login". You can register with email, FacebookLinkedIn or Google accounts.  Watch this video for more details.



Other amazing online tools for non-teaching 

Blogger Themes Supporting AdSense


Blogspot has quite a number of attractive themes which support AdSense. If you'd wish to change your current theme or new to Blogger interface, well the setting are simple and within seconds you'll be done decorating your site.




They are available in the right column under layout



Some of them are:

 1.    Dynamic Views

2.    Simple 

3.    Essential

4.    Travel

5.    Watermark

6.    Ethereal

7.    Awesome Inc.

Light Themes For AdSense


Dynamic views are a favorite choice and setting AdSense setup is very easy and trouble free. Users can select to use snapshot, magazine, mosaic, classic, sidebar etc... views. 


It has unique way of displaying google ads and has very attractive interface for both viewers and the author. If you have trouble linking your AdSense to other themes blogger, try Dynamic Views.


How to Setup Dynamic Views

 1.    Log in to your blogger account

2.    In the left side, click "Theme"

3.    Select Dynamic Views and choose your favorite layout, say "Magazine"

4.    Click Apply

Making Money Online


One of the modern and flexible ways to make money online either from home or point of individual's interest is via Blogspot. Everything is free and you just need google or Gmail account to register.


How To Join


1.    You need to have google or Gmail account

2.    Visit Blogger

3.    Create Your Blog

4.    Select your email address which will appear on your screen and fill the required information(If Any)

5.    Finally you can start creating new post (click the plus sign to add new post

You are now good to go and all you need to do is to create your own content and share with friends, family etc...


In order to start earning, you must connect your blogger account to google AdSense using the "Earnings" tab on the left side. See more here YouTube.



Other Ways To Get Views To Your Blog


You can record videos of whatever you post on blogger to your created YouTube channel. Remember one can also monetize YouTube videos and link with the same AdSense account and earn using the same account.


Sometimes it's difficult to figure out what you can post or may be lacking content, well there's no magic for creativity but you can try even posting school problems and solving them online. People learn every day and most likely if your content is true and you provide accurate answers to school problems, it will be a great deal to learners.


Consistency is the most challenging part but once you realize your potential, be determined and continue sharing your content and soon you'll start making money online like other people. It doesn't matter whether you are educated or not.



Remember to hit FOLLOW, if you feel the content has satisfied you and share with anyone capable and in need. 


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