Benefits of the Advanced Poultry Farming Equipment

Due to advancement in technology, poultry farmers have advanced in terms of machines used. The farmers use automated equipment. These equipment have a lot of advantages to the farmer.

One of the advantages of poultry farming automation equipment is saving of the labor used. Use of these machines saves more time as compared to human power. Use of the automatic machine saves the cost of hiring manpower.

Automated equipment like chicken cages, broiler cages, and laying hens are now using battery cages that are better in terms of space since they occupy a smaller space. Battery cages also prevent infections that might attack birds in the cage hence improving the rate of surviving and reduces the cost of treatment.

When one uses an automatic feeding system in feeding the chickens, this ensures uniformity and hence improves uniformity of poultry growth. It also saves the cost of hiring man power in feeding the birds.

We can also use automatic environment control system of digital technology. This ensures accurate feed saving and also reduces the energy consumption. This type of system also ensures easy management software.

An augmented reality is another advanced form of chicken layering. Augmented reality is the ability to see things that a human eye cannot see. This is achieved by use of non-visible spectrums of light or by overlaying information. Also data interpretation is another augmented reality.


3D printing mostly in poultry has to do with ability to print parts for equipment.3D printing is mostly helpful especially in cases where parts are difficult to obtain. So for this reason; instead of one waiting for the parts to be ordered from far, those same parts can be printed in real time on-site.

In the case where parts are printed in real time on-site, it reduces the production losses. There are also printers that are able to print meat and therefore it reduces the production losses.


Use of LED lighting in poultry layering is another advanced way of raising chickens. Use of LED has greatly improved the sector of poultry farming.

LED light is helpful since they are energy efficient. LED light are also preferably used since they are not prone to breaking that may release mercury that might cause harm to the birds.

LED light is an advanced way of lighting used in chicken layering that increases the development and weight gain in chickens. Blue LED light fixtures help in promoting growth and feed conversion. LED light helps also in regulating the process of production and enhancing faster maturity. It increases productivity by providing natural daylight to the birds. Dim light fixtures decrease peak production by stimulating ovulation. This type of light also increases flock uniformity and feed conversion in chickens. It also promotes weight gain.

LED light also provides the birds with friendly environment and increases the level of feeding of the birds.


In poultry farming, lot of manpower is used and this becomes so tiresome at times to the farmer. For this reason, there are advanced digital technology that uses robots in performing some work. Robots can be used in feeding the birds, can be used in egg collection, Robots can be used to feed the birds and also checking the health of the birds. Robots are also used in collection of manure and also removing the manure. Robots are also used in grading and packing eggs. Robots are also used in controlling shed environment.


By using advanced technology in poultry layering, the farmer collects a lot of information on the birds including the bacteria in their digestive system and how they respond to nutrition. For this reason, the farmer learns how to manage vast amount of data more than they previously understood. By farming the data, for the farmer to predict growth of the birds, he requires to interpret the data


Light sensor is an advanced digital way of providing light to chickens in a balanced way considering the amount of energy consumed. It’s important to measure the intensity of light to prevent stress to the birds.

Air speed sensor ensures there is uniform air speed distribution in the house. Incase air speed goes below a certain specified, this can reduce the production of the birds or reduce the growth rate of the birds. In case the air speed goes higher than the specified rage, this can cause chilling.

Carbon dioxide sensor helps in ventilation system in the poultry house. In case of poor ventilation in the house the sensor detects. Carbon dioxide should not be excess in the house, this may cause drowsiness and confusion to birds.

Ammonia sensor is used in poultry to detect an increase in ammonia. An increase in ammonia in the poultry house can cause decrease in weight of the birds.


Due to technology, there has come artificial incubation where your eggs can hatch without necessarily having a chicken sitting on the eggs. With the artificial incubation, it has a lot of advantages. When you use artificial incubation, many eggs are likely to hatch at a time compared to having one chicken sitting on few eggs. Artificial incubator helps since it can hold many eggs at a time.

Another advantage is that the farmer can plan on when to hatch his chicks anytime he is ready unlike the hen that one may not know when it can sit on the eggs.

Again when using an artificial incubator, it is not easy to spread diseases and parasites to eggs because everything is under control and well taken care of. Also there is low chance of infecting the chicks. Again when using an incubator, there are no cost of feeding a broody hen since the machine doesn’t feed on food. When using an artificial incubator, weather condition cannot easily affect the hatching of eggs since everything is controlled by the farmer.

In the incubator, all eggs are subjected to optimal hatching temperature and for this reason the chances for egg spoilage are reduced. The eggs are well taken care of and the farmer knows in case of any change.

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