Improved Kienyeji Two Weeks Old; What You Should Know...

 Taking Care and Managing of Two Weeks old Improved Kienyeji

Two weeks old chicks can neither lay eggs nor are used for consumption. This type of chick is still in developing stage. At this stage the chick should be provided with enough of feed. The feed should be rich in nutrients and energy.

Two weeks old Improved Kienyeji

Make sure the water troughs are cleaned always before adding water. Give the chicks enough water to avoid dehydration of the chicks. The housing area for chicks should have enough light preferably red bulbs since injury is not easily noticed and this will reduce pecking. Source of heat is important at this age to provide warmth to the chicks required for development.

The housing area of the chicks should be well spacious to accommodate the number for chicks you are keeping and provide enough space for exercise. The chicks should not be crowded in the room since this encourages pecking and spread of some infections.


Feeding two weeks old kienyeji chicks

Chicks at the age of two, needs a lot of nutrients for healthy growth. They need carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins. They also require antibiotics that are helpful in prevention of diseases. Carbohydrate or the energy giving foods can be gotten from food stuffs like millet, sorghum, rice or maize flour. Proteins for feeding the chicks of two weeks old can mostly be found in sunflower, peas, beans, soya beans etc. Cotton seed and fish meal are also rich in proteins.

Chicks need food that is rich in mineral for bone formation. Minerals can be found in fish meal or burned eggshells. Most important minerals are calcium and phosphorous that is given in the ratio of 2:1.

Vitamins are so necessary for the chicks since they provide rich yellow pigment in the skin. Vitamins are mostly gotten from fresh vegetables and grass.

Kuroilers feeding

When the chicks get at the age of two weeks, they should be fed with chick mash. When chicks turn to the age of 2 weeks, the type of feeds change. When changing the type of feed for the chicks, do not do it abruptly as this may cause stress to the chick and as a result the chicks may reduce it performance. Make sure the feed is in a clean feeding trough and give it disinfected water to drink.

Vaccinating two old chicks

At the age of two weeks, chicks are most likely to get infected by Gumboro disease. For this reason, you should vaccinate your chicks with Gumboro vaccine that is administered through drinking water.

Possible disease for improved kienyeji chicks

Gumboro disease is one of the possible diseases that may attack chicks at the age of two weeks. Gumboro is a viral disease that is spread through contact with the infected birds. This type of infection can also be spread through direct contact with contaminated feces .This type of infection is associated with signs like diarrhea.

Gumboro disease can be prevented by isolating the infected chicks from the house, preventing the chicks from direct contact with infected surfaces. Vaccinating the chicks can also help in preventing the outbreak of the disease.

Odiems Delivery Services

When it comes to delivering of birds after an online order, it can be chicks or full grown chicken(s). Odiems provides services of delivering both chicks whether one day old or full grown chicken(s). The delivery of the birds is done within Kisumu region. Breeds delivered can be kienyeji, improved kienyeji, layers, broilers; we also deliver eggs and birds are sold after vaccination.

In delivering chicks that are less than one week old, these birds require a lot of care when handling. In delivering an online order, one must pay for the bird before delivery. Pictures are sent through online for the buyer to choose the bird he/she is interested in buying before delivery. When delivering chicks, a cardboard box that is designed with sides slanting to allow air space around them is used in transporting the chicks for a distance when delivering. The box maintains correct temperature for the chicks that provides them with the required warmth.

Online orders and purchase

In case you are interested in our products, you can order online through our social media platforms and in case of any question we always respond to our clients. In case one wants to purchase online, we advise our customers to pay before delivery or on delivery. One can also pay and pick the birds if possible. The birds are sold from Ksh 130 and Ksh 150.This depends on the number of birds one is purchasing. You can reach us through our Facebook page Odiems Poultry Farm.

Payment methods of Odiems

When it comes to payment methods, we accept payment from our customers through cash money. Another payments method is through Mpesa pay bill number, where our customer can pay for birds before delivery and you can also place orders directly via PayPal tools as provided in our website. You can reach us through our Facebook page Odiems Poultry Farm or contact us using the "Contact Form" provided at the bottom of this page.

Advantages of trading with Odiems during Covid-19 period

One of the advantages of trading with Odiems is quality products. Odiems provides quality birds that are healthy and well developed. Eggs from odiems have correct weight and healthy. The quality of meat is high since we feed our birds with quality feeds full of energy.

Another advantage is quick delivery services. If there is any order given to us, we ensure our customers are satisfied by delivering our products timely. In case of any delay, we ensure our customer is aware to avoid inconveniences.

Services to the customers; Odiems worker ensures they give their customers the best services to satisfaction. Delivery is done country wide and we use the correct means to avoid causing harm to our birds.

Treated birds and well taken care of; the birds we deliver to sell are well treated and vaccinated from possible disease therefore the cost of treatment is reduced.

Fair price of their birds and other products; we sell our chicks, grown birds and eggs at an affordable price to our customers.

Another advantage of Odiems is that we offer training on how to rare chicks to maturity and give guidelines of how one should handle chicks.

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