Poultry Farming in Nyanza

Poultry farming in Nyanza is mostly done for consumption and improvement of the livelihoods of the poultry farmers of indigenous chickens. Most of the poultry farmers in Nyanza have been trained and mobilized on modern digital ways of rearing chickens. Farming of poultry in Nyanza has become a source of income since it greatly bringing a large profit to the farmers.

In Nyanza, most of chickens are indigenous. This chickens plays a great role mostly in the rural economy of the people around in respect to the subsidiary income and providing them with nutritious eggs and meat for home consumption. Genetic improvement has been made to improve the productivity of the chickens. Improvement has been made through crossbreeding and selection. Improvement through selection at times it becomes time consuming but it will be permanent. Improvement done through crossbreeding is faster compared to selection but the research has to aim for the production of native bird’s type with higher potential of production.

Rural backyard poultry in Nyanza provides livelihood security to the family and securing the availability of food.

Farming method used in Nyanza in rearing chickens can be organic or inorganic. Both organic and inorganic can be used for commercial purpose. Most of the breeds reared in Nyanza are the Kienyeji types. This is because kienyeji breed is more resistance to diseases. Most farmers prefer rearing kienyeji chickens because their demand in the market is so high. The demand for both meat and their eggs is high. The kienyeji eggs are very rich in nutrients and so most people go for it. Kienyeji meat is the best in terms of taste making it have a great demand in the market.

Breeds Available in Nyanza

Improved kienyeji is another breed that is reared in Nyanza. Improved kienyeji is preferred by most of the customers for its high quality products. In terms of disease resistance, their ability is high. Improved kienyeji also have an improve meat taste and the quality of eggs is also high. Nyanza residents also keep broilers and layers for commercial meat and egg production. Layers are kept for egg production. Advantage of keeping layers is that they lay their eggs after a very short period and lay a lot of eggs at that short period. Broilers are kept for meat production. An advantage of keeping broilers is that they mature fast to give meat to the farmer. Farmers select higher meat producing broilers poultry breeds for commercial purposes. Nyanza residents also keep the Kuroiler breed of chicken that fetches a lot of profit when it comes to market demand. Kuroiler breed are good for keeping since they are resistance to diseases and have quality products required by the customers. Rainbow rooster is another breed that most farmers in Nyanza keep for its good disease resistance ability. Farmers have a wider market within Nyanza region. In addition to that, farmers keep Ornamental birds, Japanese Bantams, Italian Silky and Fantel pigeon.

Challenges Faced by Poultry Farmers in Nyanza

One of the challenges that most farmers in Nyanza face is the cost of production. In rearing of the chickens, the farmer needs a lot of capital to start and run the chicken farm. At times it becomes so challenging since the chicken feeds price goes higher than expected. In raising the chickens, the farmer needs feeding troughs, drinkers, source of heat, source of light and vaccinating drugs. All this requires a lot of capital and some farmers find it difficult to afford.

Shortage of one-day old chicks; In starting the poultry farming, you need chicks that are one day old or one week old for you to rear them to the desired size. Most of the times it becomes a challenge in getting one-day old chicks since not everyone rearing the birds have the one-day old chicks. Sometimes they are not available and others are not enough as for the number of chicks wanted. The competition becomes so high.

Shortage of products required for proper husbandry. In raising the chicks, there is the type of food you should give to the chicks different from the food fed to grown chickens. At times the farmers find it missing in the market of less in supply and for this reason you end up starving the chicks that reduces the growth rate and at times causing death to the chicks.

Rise in price of chicken feeds. In rearing of the chickens, different stages of birds feed on different type of meal. For this reason, it becomes somehow expensive for the farmer to purchase the different feeds for the birds. Depending on the type of feed you give to your chickens, different feeds have different prices. At times the farming assets price like feeders and watering troughs goes high and the farmer cannot purchase enough for feeding the birds.

Disease outbreak; Outbreak of disease is a greater challenge in poultry farming especially if the farmer had not vaccinated the birds against the disease. In case of an outbreak of a deadly disease like New castle, if the birds were not well vaccinated against the disease, this might cause death of the birds.

Lack of enough knowledge in selection of birds; this has become a great challenge since some farmers are not well educated about poultry. When it comes to selection of the type of chicks to rear, some farmers have no knowledge of how a healthy chick looks like and most end up purchasing infected chicks that finally leads to loss. When looking chicks to rear, the farmer is advised to select healthy chicks free from diseases for easy handling.

Marketing of Poultry Products in Nyanza

One of the most used modes of marketing is one on one where the farmer has to inform people around about the products he/she is dealing with. Can be in the market place or round the surrounding neighbors. This is more advantageous since the customer can see what he/she is buying and the state of the product.

One can also do online selling and marketing of the products. This can be by either advertising the products or getting online orders for delivery using social media platforms like creating Facebook accounts.

Customers can also come for the products at the farm. This is mostly to familiar customers who well know the farmer and the business place. Wholesale buyers commonly use this since they buy in bulky.

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